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voice scan bioenergetics package

Optimize Your Mind, Body and Health

with an energetic Approach

Discover what is stealing your body’s energy
- in less than 60 seconds

voice scan bioenergetics package
Energy medicine is the future of health, period.
Ben Greenfield
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Discover How To

Detect, Correct and Protect your energy

Using Bioenergetics

Do you struggle with fatigue or a chronic condition? Do you love being healthy and enjoy learning how to live with vitality?


Now you can take a deep-dive look into your body’s energy control system ( aka the human body field) to get the most complete picture of your health.


Because when you look at things energetically – when you watch how energy behaves in your body – you can pinpoint and uncover the exact root causes behind your physical symptoms.

A New Way to Look at Health

Blood tests tell you how well your organs are working or if there are infections. But a bioenergetic test goes deeper – revealing EXACTLY where energy is distorted or blocked in your body. When you uncover your energetic blockages, you uncover the things stopping your body from doing what it is designed to do – heal itself.


Now you can get the full body picture of your health.

And it doesn’t involve a blood test, spit test, urine test, or any fluid from your body. It starts with a voice scan that is as easy as counting to ten.


The Bioenergetics
Brain & Body Package

voice scan bioenergetics package

Activate your body's own healing systems

using Bioenergetics

An exciting start to improving your health using Bioenergetics. This 60-minute Bioenergetic Brain & Body package will give you a complete overview of ALL areas of your health.


Finally, connect the dots on how trauma impacts your body, the specific toxins creating blockages in your energy, and the nutritional issues creating energy distortions.


It’s time to take your energy back!

What's Included

Take a peek at each element of the Brain & Body Package by clicking the green buttons below that interest you most

Voice scan

Give your health a voice. Literally.

Using our NES Health Voice scanning technology, you get a comprehensive picture of how energy behaves in your body. And you can do the voice scan in person or from the comfort of your own home.

A Nes Health Voice Scan Reveals:

You'll also get a 40+ voice Scan report that details what's stealing your energy - click the green button above to find out more about your report - and to see a 10 page sneak peak!

How does it work?

Did you know that your cranial nerve travels through your vocal cords? Your cranial nerve ALSO regulates your Parasympathetic system. (Your Parasympathetic system focuses on healing your body.)


When you open your mouth and count to ten into our NES Health voice scanner; the technology is able to capture – through your voice – all of the information that your cranial nerve is carrying from your Parasympathetic system.


Get an exact energetic reading of your body field and discover where energy is blocked.


With our voice scan technology, you are LITERALLY giving your health a voice to tell you what is happening internally. Your voice scan comes with a 60-minute session with Dr. Greg Eckel or one of his team members.

40+ Page Report

Finally - A complete picture of what’s REALLY going on inside your body

Your voice scan comes with a complete 40+ page report that measures over twenty areas of your health. Here are a few samples of what you can expect to see in your report.

Curious to see what a report might look like? Here's a preview of the first few pages of a voice scan report. You'll see how the report indicates what Infoceuticals to take based on the top 5 energy priorities the voice scan picks up. Click here for the preview

Energy Strength

The Strength screen looks at how well the body-field is powered. This power is necessary to fuel the flow of information through the body.

Mind Body

The Mind-Body section of the scan features two primary areas: “Look Within” and “Core Emotions.” Discover what emotions are expressing themselves most and what are emotions are may be causing energy blockages.

Energetic Immunity

The 16 Energetic Terrain (ET) fields form part of the human body-field and have many functions including:

Providing healing messages for self repair of body tissues.

Forming an important part of the body's 'energetic immune system'. The NES ET report reveals where the body's ET fields require assistance in restoring their integrity through the use of the ET Infoceuticals.

Blast Off Your Bioenergetic Journey with a 1:1 Session with Dr. Greg Eckel & Team

60 minute 1:1 session

Your voice scan comes with a personalized 60 minute session. There’s no rushing you through the appointment to get to the next patient. Whether in person or on a Zoom call, coaches and physicians trained by Dr. Eckel will work with you during your voice scan session to create a health plan customized to you and your results.

* Please note: The Pro Version allows you to have Dr. Greg Eckel or a team member go over your results in depth. The Basics Package does not include a 1:1 call. Those who choose the Basics Package will have a chance to ask questions about your results on a group coaching call. There will be a maximum of 50 participants to a group call.


What they are and how they work

NES Health Infoceuticals are liquid, energetic remedies imprinted with bio-information to correct energy distortions and regulate the flow of energy and information in your body.


They interact directly with the human body field to remove and resolve blockages caused by EMFs, shocks, traumas, toxins, emotional issues, illness, and injury.


Easy to take, simple to use.


* Infoceuticals are included in the Pro Package only.

It's a Complete Body Picture

to Optimize Your Health to It's Fullest Potential


Jumpstart the healing process in your body on a cellular and energetic level

Healthy Immune system

Release more energy and reduce stress, by supporting a healthy immune system

Release Trauma

Find out how your emotions are affecting your body so you can deal with trauma (your body IS keeping score)

Better Sleep

Experience deeper, restorative sleep and easier weight maintenance

Mood + Mental Clarity

Improve your mood and gain mental clarity

Release Energy Blockages

Start to resolve underlying issues that are contributing to physical symptoms and release energy blockages in your body

Accurate and faster than typical testing

I was actually skeptical the first time I tried the voice scan. I had just done a blood test at my traditional doctor’s office the day before I took the voice scan but I didn’t have my test results back yet. I tried the voice scan and within a minute I was looking at the report and seeing my results. I was surprised to see my liver and thyroid had a lot of energetic activity and didn’t think it was accurate.

But four days later my doctor’s office called to tell me they wanted to run tests again because my hormone levels were low (thyroid-related) and my liver was starting to show signs of fatty liver disease. I was shocked that the scanner had called it! I ordered my Infoceuticals right away.
Christine W.

Discover what it can do for you with

The BioEnergetic
Brain & Body Package

voice scan bioenergetics package


$ $


$ $

The Nes Health Voice Scanner

Our NES Health voice scanner is able to showcase energetic signatures for:

underlying conditions

Exposure to environmental toxins

the top 5 priority energy areas that need attention

mental and emotional blocks that are stealing energy

From an expert

When you identify the energetic blocks, clear those blocks and then feed the body the correct operating instructions, the body works more efficiently.

You detox better. You sleep better. You absorb nutrients better. You release emotional trauma better - that's the baggage that is a constant energy drain on your system. Everything just starts working better and better.
- Wendy Myers

Get a Voice Scan

Start looking at your health the bioenergetic way

One voice scan can be the difference between you running around looking for different remedies to solve your symptoms and the groundbreaking moment that you see your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health shift in a completely new way.

If you are looking for…

a full-body picture

of what organs, meridians, emotions, nutrition and even which environmental factors are affecting your energy

a clear understanding

of exactly where trauma is being stored in the body and what Infoceuticals will help release those blocks

a distinct look at diet

A distinct look at diet and deficiencies so you can know what vitamins, minerals and dietary support your body needs most

A Way to Pinpoint Emotional Wellbeing

by reading emotional assessment screens and prioritizing care and support your brain and body needs most

…then you are ready for the Bioenergetic Brian & Body Package


We promise to give you our undivided attention and 100% of our effort. Our appointments are different than a typical stop at a doctor's office. Expect deep listening and intentional presence during your call. Ask questions. Bioenergetics is new to many and we’re committed to helping you understand how energy medicine is changing the medical field.

We guarantee this special price for you. We offer this package at our clinics at a price of $, but for a limited time we’re offering the voice scan and infoceuticals for $. Activate your body’s ability to heal on an energetic level today.

Inquiring minds want to know

Absolutely! We work with people from all around the world thanks to technology.


To do the voice scan, you will need a phone or computer/device in order to complete it. The one on one appointment happens on Zoom (or in person if you live in the area). Once we identify your top 5 health priorities, we dropship your Infoceuticals to you (or give them to you at the end of your in-person appointment).


Please note: The Basic Package does not include a 1:1 call. Those who choose the Basics Package will have a chance to ask questions about your results on a group coaching call. There will be 50 participants to a group call.

As soon as you’ve ordered your Package (Pro Version or Basic) you receive a link to record your voice scan. It takes minutes to set up an account with NES Health – the software we use to scan your voice – and then less than a minute to record your voice.

If you’ve ordered the Pro Package, you will receive a calendar link to book your appointment and review your results. Once you receive the report, we focus on your top 5 health priorities with an Infoceutical Protocol.


The Infoceuticals take 5-7 business days to arrive at your home. And once you have them, it takes a few minutes a day to add the Infoceutical drops to your water.

If you’ve ordered the Basic Package, after you’ve done your voice scan, within 72 hours you will receive an invite to the group coaching session. You will be able to ask questions about your report while on the call. 

You can see your initial results in just a few minutes with the voice scan.

Results for the infoceuticals will vary. Some see results in the first few days, others see results in a few weeks.

We can’t wait to work with you!  After you purchase the Bioenergetic Body Scan, you will receive two emails. The first one will confirm your purchase, the second one will give you the steps to follow to book an appointment with us at one of our clinics. Should you have any problems, please email us at [email protected]

Yes, but not at this price. This is now an ongoing protocol in our Nature Cures Clinic and in our bVital Clinics. We are providing this special price to those who are attending the Bioenergetic Summit and want to take immediate action on their discoveries of how bioenergetics is changing medicine.

Yes, we’d love to give you a preview. Please note that this preview is only 9 pages from the 40+ page report. These 40+ page reports are delivered by professionals who have been trained on the NES Health software, so when you get yours they will explain all of the results to you in-depth. View a preview of the report here.

Infoceuticals get straight to work on your body’s highest energetic needs. Our work with infoceuticals has shown us that individuals who see the greatest results have been on a 3-6 month protocol involving 5 Infoceuticals each month. After that, maintenance is usually with 1-3 different infoceuticals.

Of course! Bioenergetics is the future and we are on a mission to help other practitioners find ways to be more effective with their clients. When you book your appointment, indicate that you are a practitioner and we’ll make the time to answer any questions you have after we’ve gone through your results. You are our client and your health comes first.

This is a brand new way of looking at things. Biofeedback is based on electricity. Bioenergetics is utilizing quantum electrodynamic fields (QED) in the scans, representing how the body-field’s intricate, interconnected systems and subsystems affect the state of the physical body. The voice scan identifies energy blockages in the human body-field and pinpoints the strength of the energy being produced by various systems and organs.


Get ready to see your health in a brand new way.

Hey there folks,

Dr. Greg Eckel here.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be offering the Bioenergetic Brain & Body Package. BioEnergetics is the future of medicine. The Infoceuticals have undergone extensive studies at the University of California, San Diego, in the laboratory of Professor Hemal Patel’s team. And the results are going to change medicine.


Bioenergetics is gaining momemtum. My colleagues are starting to catch on and this will be what everyone is talking about over the next ten years. You can be on the frontlines with us and start using this voice scan technology and liquid remedies today.


You know I say this a lot (because I believe it) : Your body is designed to heal itself. Let’s find out what’s going on inside your body at its energetic core. And then let’s supply it with the information your body needs to do what it does best – repair itself.


I can’t wait for you to see what your voice scan reveals.

Discover the complete picture with

The BioEnergetic
Brain & Body Package

voice scan bioenergetics package


$ $


$ $